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Rubber injection molding machine operation precautions

Date:2011/12/6 17:55:27

Develop goodhabits ofRubber injection molding machineoperatinglife of the machineandto improveproduction safetyaregood.

First,before youstart:

(1)Check the electricalcontrol boxifthere is water, oil,into,if theelectrical damp, do notboot.Maintenance personnelshould bedrybefore turningthe electricalparts.
(2) Check Rubber injection molding machinewhether thesupply voltage, generallyshould not exceed± 15%.
(3) Check theemergency stopswitch,front and reardoor switchesare normal.Verifythe direction ofrotation ofthe motorandpumpare the same.
(4) Check Rubber injection molding machine thecoolingpipeis smooth, and theoil coolerand the barrelend of thepassinto thecoolingwater jacketcooling water.
(5) Checkwhethertheactive portion ofoil (fat) andadd a littleoil.
(6) Open theheating,thesectionsof theheatingbarrel.When thetemperaturerequirementsof eachsegment, and thenholdingfor some time tomake themachine temperatureto stabilize.Holding timedepending onthe requirements ofequipment and plasticraw materialsvary.
(7)to add a littleenoughinthe hopperof plastic.According tothe requirements ofdifferent plasticinjection molding,some raw materialsis best togo throughdry.
(8)tocover theheat shieldon thebarrel,it savesenergy, but alsoto extend theelectric ringandcontactorlife.

Second, theoperation:

(1)notfor thesake of convenience,free to cancelthe role ofsecuritydoors.
(2) to observethe temperature ofthe oilpressure,oil temperatureshould notexceed the prescribedrange.Hydraulicoilshould be maintained atthe idealoperating temperature45 ~ 50 ℃, and the averagein therange of35 ~ 60 ℃more appropriate.
(3)to adjustthetravellimit switches,to avoidthe impactgenerated whenthe machineinaction.

Third, theend of the work:

(1)stopbeforethe plasticbarrelmachineshouldclean up theremaining materialto preventoxidationorthermaldecomposition oflong-term.
(2)should bethe mold opens,theelbowlockingbar mechanismfor a long timein thestate.
(3) Theworkshopmust have aliftingdevice.Assembly and Disassembly Moldand otherheavycomponentsshould bevery carefulto ensureproduction safety.


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